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Saturday, May 5, 2012

EXEGESIS Qubikuitously

Originally I set out to read EXEGESIS page by page. That worked for the first part. Then I stopped. When I came back to it, I resolved to re-read the first part because I wanted to re-experience what Dick said about orthogonal time. Then I thought to start the EXEGESIS blog. I would methodically proceed through the book and post particularly interesting passages.

Bits and pieces became interesting enough to post. Lots of those. And some bigger ideas. Then I wanted to trace comments on Ubik through the EXEGESIS via the index and cite passages while I re-read Ubik with the idea of commenting on this site.

So I was reading linearly, then selectively via the index, then scanning the pages as they flew by and suddenly I had four different bookmarks peeking out the top of the volume and yellow highlighter time-slipping through my mind.

Order and entropy chasing each other  . . . qubikuitously.

When not doing Dick stuff, I am reading the New Testament. Orthogonal time on the move.

For example.

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