“Something is wrong. I don’t mean with you or me or with any person. I mean in general." --Ragle Gumm

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Word

There’s even a word for it: “anagnorisis.” It is a moment of discovery. The moment when you realize that things are not what they seem. Now what could one mean by “things?” One might call on scientific discoveries, the kind that broke out after the church lost its grip on everybody’s mind, or when new systems of government broke out across the land, new lands discovered, or when books were published for the first time, or when the first photographs of earth from space showed this little world in the context of an unfathomable space of things. Seeing is not always believing, as we have discovered; however, if one were to back up a bit and not focus on particular things, just things themselves, all things, then a real anagnorisis might occur. 

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