“Something is wrong. I don’t mean with you or me or with any person. I mean in general." --Ragle Gumm

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cracks in a Pretzel

Consider the following:

Humanity is suffering from mass psychosis to which we have become so accustomed that normalcy has become its equivalent.

The world is perfect as it is.

The world is a place within which souls evolve. 

Heaven is the ultimate goal/reward for human struggle. 

Good is fighting a courageous struggle against evil which it will eventually win because that feels better than the idea that good might lose.

Neither good nor evil is real.  

Every human being lives his or her reality solipsistically within a dimension that cannot be located but which, somehow, integrates those irreducible realities into the world we take for granted until death.

Reality vs death.

Thoughts of death vs thoughts of reality.

There is no God.

There is a separate God for each individual.

There is a different God for each religion.

There is one God for all religions.

All religions are illusions within an empirically real world.

All religions are illusions within the one big illusion.

One God period. No inside, outside, here, or there. No it and us.

Only it and pieces of it.

Reality shape-shifts so gradually that the illusion of normalcy is maintained while some other force feeds off the ignorance we are bound into.

Reality shape-shifts so rapidly that the illusion of normalcy allows each person’s story to continue within an unchallenged continuity.

All illusions are meant to be dispelled.

All illusions are impenetrable.

Which of these do you hang out with?

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